Mirjan Gjergjevica
Film Director
Mirjan Gjergjevica (born December 10, 1989) is an Albanian self-taught filmmaker and founder of Mirjan Films, a film production company based in Corfu, Greece, that specializes in producing video commercials, films, and documentaries.
Early life and education
Gjergjevica was born in Albania and raised in Greece. He attended acting and video art studies at the public IEK Corfu and Ionian University.
After completing his studies, Gjergjevica worked in a TV crew for a few years before opening his own company, Mirjan Films, based in Corfu, Greece. The company has produced a variety of projects, including video commercials, short films, and documentaries.
Gjergjevica's first documentary film, "The Jews of Corfu," was widely screened at festivals around the world. The film tells the story of the Jewish community in Corfu, Greece, and explores their unique history and culture.
Style and themes
Gjergjevica's films often explore themes of cultural identity, heritage, and history. He is known for his use of visually stunning imagery, music, and sound to create a cinematic experience for his viewers.
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